"Just four words for Satriani, Malmsteen and Vai...'They better watch out!!!' " - Jeff Markise.

"You're the first guitar player that can play superior to a lot of guitarists.  You are like the new Joe Satriani !!!" - David Hiegel


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"Estrella isn't reusing repetitive scales. He is an artist capable of crafting intricate works with the guitar."  -Maelstromzine-

"You just pushed Vai away from my Top 20 guitar players." - Norberto Lacarriere, 89.5FM Matamoros, Tamaulipas

"You're the best damn guitarist I’ve heard in years.  And I consider Vai/Satriani/Petrucci gods.  Each new song just blows me away.. more and more like the first time I heard 2112 (Rush) back in ‘76’."  - Lee Woolsey -

"​​Pyramids on Mars have released Echo Cosmic, which is easily the finest instrumental metal album since Joe Satriani’s seminal Surfing With the Alien." - Steve Earles, Hellbound.ca -