Pyramids on Mars:        Music from Mars

Every once in a while there comes along a band that is so different or unique, you would think they were dropped on Earth from another planet.  Pyramids on Mars is one of those bands.  It is the solo project of guitarist Kevin Estrella.  He wanted to do something musically different that would stand out from the crowd.

What first catches you is that they are an instrumental band.  A combination of elements such as rock, hard rock, industrial, metal.  And then... the lead guitar comes soaring in.  Well crafted, beautiful, melodic phrases so catchy and memorable they will be stuck in your head the rest of the day.  The guitar has become the "vocals" of the music.

Kevin was originally influenced by guitar players like Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen.  But his own sense of identity comes from the music he is most passionate about, being Baroque classical music citing influence from musical greats of J.S Bach and Antonio Vivaldi.

When you listen to Pyramids on Mars, most of the guitar melodies are actually violin melodies. 

 “On Edge of The Black and any of my albums, the emphasis is on song writing and telling a story.  I am more influenced by power trios like Rush, Tool and Led Zeppelin.  Not one instrument is more important than the other. There is a symbiotic relationship between guitar, bass and drums.  The emphasis is not just on the lead guitar melody, but on the band as a whole.  Lead melody harmonic variations on repeating themes are strongly utilized; like rhyming phrases in spoken language that allows easier accurate retelling of the original story. This idea of repeating music phrases/themes so the audience can easily recall it and hum it all the way home.” - Kevin Estrella

Kevin recorded, produced, engineered and mastered his first debut CD, self titled "Pyramids on Mars" (2013) “Echo Cosmic” (2015) and "Edge of the Black" (2019).  Performing all instruments on the album and all drum programming.  He has been capturing music industry attention getting international radio airplay in the U.S, Canada, South America and Europe.  

Pyramids on Mars really is music from the Mystical Red Planet.

Recommended If You Like:  Joe Satriani, Rush, David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Tool, Rammstein, Meshuggah and Metallica to name a few.