"You just pushed Vai away from my Top 20 guitar players." - Norberto Lacarriere, 89.5FM Matamoros, Tamaulipas

"You're the first guitar player that can play superior to alot of guitarists.  You are like the new Joe Satriani!!!" - David Hiegel

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It almost seems impossible that one man alone can create a sound so unforgettable whilst have the ability to conjure up such a strongly visual experience from the audio - Originalrock.net

"You're the best damn guitarist I’ve heard in years.  And I consider Vai/Satriani/Petrucci gods.  Each new song just blows me away.. more and more like the first time I heard 2112 (Rush) back in ‘76’."  - Lee Woolsey 

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“Edge of the Black has the ability to lift you up as you listen.  Heavy footsteps feel that little lighter and the shoulders become less slumped.  It’s an encouraging listen and Kevin Estrella can be proud of what he has achieved here.”  - gbhbl.com

“EDGE OF THE BLACK” shines with psychedelic rock sounds and offers a unique sound that is bursting with diversity.  Changes from hard distortion sounds to rather light overdrives and is led by emotionally sounding rhythm guitar chords and strong melodic lead guitar riffs.  A true guitar masterpiece for the new year."  - Moshpitpassion.de

"​​Pyramids on Mars have released Echo Cosmic, which is easily the finest instrumental metal album since Joe Satriani’s seminal Surfing With the Alien." - Steve Earles, Hellbound.ca -

"Kevin Estrella is impressively high-quality. His rhythms are solid and gritty. His constant and non-stop lead work, however, is where he shines. Smooth, melodic, adapt and soaring.  Kevin Estrella is in the same ballpark as David Gilmour". -Metallian 

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"With the likes of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and David Gilmour.  You would say ‘Wow, that’s a great guitar player!'  If you would have known him.  Shamefully, that’s the thing.  Kevin Estrella is probably the most criminally unknown guitar player on the planet." - Dutch Metal Music

The whole album Edge of the Black leaves a lingering sense of both existentialism and awe at Kevin Estrella’s musical talent and ability.  He fully allocates all the elements of the band equal respect to create a holistic and visceral thrill that emotionally charges the whole album. - Originalrock.net

 "Kevin Estrella, much like Vai, and Satriani, can make his guitar truly communicate and display emotion. That’s NOT a skill that comes along with practice.  That comes purely from a connection between a musician and the instrument to what we know as ‘true-love.’   There’s a real passion that Kevin plays with that only comes along every so often…a real magic" - SleepingBagStudios -

Intensive guitar playing that holds the attention by being layered with varied tempos, melodies and hooks.  It’s not guitar ‘wankery’ as it isn’t always pushed front and center.” - gbhbl.com

"There is a great emphasis on songwriting.... It tells a story without using even a single word by offering the listener an opportunity to visualize each chapter of the trip. With such a deep, diverse record full of variety, Edge of the Black promises to be one of 2020’s best instrumental works." - puregrainaudio.com

To say Edge Of The Black  is a sublime piece of work doesn’t even convey what you hear. I guess, magical, mesmerizing and majestic come close. Not only is Kevin Estrella a understated multi instrumentalist but he can write some amazing pieces of music that have influences of Bach and Vivaldi whilst marrying the best guitar virtuosos of today. - http://allabouttherock.co.uk

"Just four words for Satriani, Malmsteen and Vai...'They better watch out!!!' " - Jeff Markise

Estrella’s passion that has been woven into his work, successfully illustrates and reinvents what it means to undergo an immersive experience - Originalrock.net